Knotnodes is one of the signal providers to the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO).

Flare Address: 0xF33A0Ac50f2E85737af577ea68583f264C7A1f78

Songbird Address: 0x4619Ae2f09cF5e6da873C501a12D86AaCbD7962B

What does this mean??

About Us

We provide Prices to the Network.

Cryptocurrency Networks such as the Flare network need to have access to accurate prices. This is accomplished with the help of Price Providers. This mechanism provides an opportunity for token holders to earn passive income by delegating their Wrapped Songbird to Providers such as KnotNodes.

To delegate your WSGB , do the following:

  • Wrap some Songbird(SGB) tokens into Wrapped Songbird (WSGB). It is recommended to source out a ready made tool to wrap the Songbird such as this one. Simply connect the wallet and wrap the desired amount.
  • Delegate the WSGB and wait for your weekly Rewards. Claim your rewards by going here and using 3.claimReward with the Relevant address and reward Epoch number.


Questions and Discussions are welcome via email.